Monday, July 2, 2012

The Personality and Stress Test

Written By Eevey and Petete
The Truth about Scientology’s Personality and Stress Test

The Church of Scientology likes to use personality and stress test to bring in new members but underneath the forced smiles and love bombing they only want you to submit to their manipulation and fall into the Scientology trap. 

Personality Test

The Oxford Capacity Analysis (OCA) also called the American Personality Analysis or simply the Personality Test by the cult’s staff is a free test given by the Church of Scientology along with its Novis Mental Ability Test (a short test which is claimed to measure IQ) to rope in possible new recruits. Despite its name it has nothing to do with the University of Oxford and its creation, is solely credited to L. Ron Hubbard (founder). However, despite the fact that this test has no basis in reality nor in the medical field, the sect’s staff keeps pushing it as being a certified tests reworked and modernized for today’s society.

The test is very long with 200 questions or more which can be answered with yes, no or maybe. Some of the questions include:

Do you have a small circle of close friends, rather than a large number of friends, speaking acquaintances?

Is your life a constant struggle for survival?

Do you often sing or whistle just for the fun of it?

Are you considered warm-hearted by your friends?

Would you rather give orders than take them?

Kaja Ballo
Despite the fact that some of the questions are downright silly the test is rigged against you the moment you start and no matter what you answer the recruiter will always tell you that your personality is flawed in some way or another and that your only hope for recovery is to take the courses they tell you. Their goal is to make you feel weak, vulnerable and depressed, so they can manipulate you and get you to buy the course. However, not all people can handle this treatment.

Kaja Ballo was one of the unlucky ones, after receiving her test results, which stated that she was “unstable” and that her IQ was “very limited”, she plummeted into a deep depression and hours later she committed suicide by jumping off the 4th floor of her college dorm. I know from personal experience how bad they can make you feel for not buying the course right there. The cult will say “no obligations” to catch you off guard and then get you with the hard sell.

Stress Test

We all have things in our lives that stress us out, its natural. Scientology, however, preys on that weakness. They will appear friendly and interested, and offer you a free stress test, but the thing is the recruiter is specially trained on how to get you to talk about your insecurities. They will put you on the e-meter which is a type of lie detector (of which I will go into depth later).

Taken from Anon Ireland
This is dangerous because the cult pushes so hard for people to discuss their insecurities, pushing all of the psychological buttons so they can get you to give them money.

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